Our drive is our passion for making
people homes the place to recharge
and to enjoy your own time, while
enabling men and women to
participate to our local economie

The story of a passion... more a mission

"A better place to live for each and every one of us, will make a better place to live for all of us" H.L

It is the story of couple of friends that were respectively working as Gym Personal Trainer and a Professional coach.

Realizing how their own friends and family were juggling with their work life balance and yet always being frustrated by the chores which were waiting for them at home.

Realizing how many honest, hard working men and women had been hit by the crisis and struggling to make ends meet.

One day those same two friends decided, how can we make a difference at our local level to relief the once that are frustrated by spending their spare time doing their chores and at the same time give a work opportunity to those that had far too much spare time...

That day those friends were filled with hope and happiness and CleaningWise was born.

Terms and conditions

Our Terms and conditions CleaningWise in short *

1/ The minimum service agreement

Our minimum of two and half (2h30) hours per cleaning visit applies.

By regular cleaning we refer to several times a week/ weekly/every two weeks/ monthly. (any other periodicity will be regarded as a one-off clean)

2/ Our prices to you

We will provide to a high standard regular and one-off domestic cleaning at a rate of £16/ hour for cleaning services.

Our regular commercial cleaning is charged £16/hour. Move out commercial cleaning is charged £17/ hour.

Any other price per our would be solely based on a specific agreement between the customer and The CleaningWise team

3/ If you want cancel or re-scheduling it is possible providing:

48 hours minimum (excluding Sundays)

Client may cancel free of charge the scheduled cleaning job up to 48 hours (Excluding Sunday) prior to the agreed start time.

However if cancellation is made less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment we request the payment fee equivalent to the minimum service agreement (1/) two and half hours. (2h30)

@ £16 for domestic cleaning (total of £40) and £16 for Commercial cleaning (total of £40).

Equally the event of a lock- out case or if the cleaner(s) is being turned away the client agrees to pay a fee equal to the minimum service agreement. (1/) two and half hour. @ £16 for domestic cleaning (total of £40) and £16/ hour for Commercial cleaning (total of £40)

By lock- out case or being turned away we mean:

No one home nor keys left at the concierge to allow us in; More locks engaged than keys available; No water or no power supply available at client’s premises. If keys are provided they must open the lock without any special efforts or skills.

4/ Cleaning products

We have a full list of the most efficient tested supermarket readily available products that we would need at your premises. We can forward it onto you to complete your existing range (only if needed).

No products no problem for a reasonable fee we will provide you all the necessary products with the receipt, which can be paid along with your cleaning service fee. In average the fee equals the time to purchase the products + products cost. For more details just ask us.

5/ Payments:

No hassle, we take payments by direct debit, bank standing order, check or cash

Importantly the payments are requested on completion on the day of the cleaning session or in advance covering one off or several visits ahead.

Commercial clients we will be invoiced on completion and payment to be made no later than 7 days from the invoice date.

6/ Insurance

Each of the cleaners are self-employed and therefore carry a Public and self-employed liability insurance. The policy will cover any accidental damages caused by an him/herself working on behalf of the customer up to Two million British Pounds £2,000,000.00, reported within 24 hours of service date to CleaningWise, there is an excess of £250 which is payable by the client on each and every claim.

Further Cleaningwise carries both a liability and employer’s insurance respectively of Two million British Pounds £2,000,000.00, and Ten million British Pounds £10,000,000.00 through AXA business insurance.

7/ Introduction of CleaningWise self-employed team member

At CleaningWise we value the most our service and therefore our customers and team members.

Therefore each team member selection is thorough for to ensure our customer privacy, safety and quality of service.

To do so we do not spare our energy and give the most exhaustive training to each team member.

By self-employed each cleaner decides which customer she or he wants to carry the cleaning service for. And a service agreement is established a fee is paid in return by the cleaner and client to the CleaningWise team.

The cleaner not during the course of provision of services or for a period of twelve (15) months during the current provision of service and following termination or mutual work solicit any clients with whom the cleaner has had dealings during the provision of services or any other clients of the CleaningWise of whom the cleaner has knowledge off.

Customer acquisition fee during or after termination of provision of service through Cleaningwise:

As part of the service agreement between the clients, the cleaners and the CleaningWise team as part of the provision of service, that CleaningWise may pass acquire customers acquisition fee of five hundred British Pounds Sterling (£500) to both the cleaner and the clients in order to cover the cost or acquisition and allow the cleaner to solely interect with the client directly. The fee can be paid by the client directly to CleaningWise or upon agreement between the cleaner and the clients to CleaningWise.

This agreement covers any business interaction between the cleaner may have with any clients acquired through CleaningWise and for the purposes of providing services.

* This is only a summary of our terms and conditions, by contracting the CleaningWise self-employed team the customer agrees to the full terms and conditions that can obtained via email request at info@cleaningwise.co.uk